The Retail Side of the Virtual-Currency Equation

What drives a merchant to begin accepting virtual currency as payment? And, how can that acceptance help drive sales – and perhaps even change up a retailer's customer mix? In early November, representatives from three merchants – Amagi Metals, Newegg and the Golden Gate Casino – gathered together at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas to share their insights during the Money20/20 event. At a panel presentation titled "Retailers Accepting Bitcoin Share Perspectives," the trio explained how vi

Making the Complex Simple

When you get a call at 8 a.m. from the head of neurology at a local hospital, your heart tends to beat a Uttle faster and questions like, "Did someone err during my last checkup?" quickly spring to mind. But as designer Bill Cahan soon discovered, the doctor was calling as an investor rather than as a physician, and he was calling to give good news, not bad. An investor in Adaptec, Inc., he had just received the firm's 1995 annual report, which was designed by Cahan & Associates, Cahan's design team in San Francisco.

Rejecting the Norm

Jolting the business world — as well as the general public — into a new awareness of out-of-home advertising is a formidable task. But the Gannett Outdoor Group, working in conjunction with the Kirshenbaum & Bond ad agency and some of the world's top artists, seems to have found a way to do just that. Gannett's "Turn Your Mind Inside Out" campaign comprised 14 different, original images that were exhibited in 17 cities across the nation, from New York City to San Francisc

Little Deuce Coupe

Did the Beach Boys have it right? At this year’s SGIA Expo in New Orleans, I ran into the owner of small print shop who was espousing the virtues of his new printer (manufacturer and model withheld just because I’m feeling ornery this morning). It wasn’t until after we had finished our chat and had gone our separate ways that I noted that the shop owner had referred to his new prize possession not as “it,” but as “she” throughout the conversation.

BYOB Goes Ultra

In Dallas, locals often refer to it as “the Hangar” – the American Airlines Center entertainment arena is home to not only professional basketball and hockey teams, but also serves as a major site for the city’s concerts and other entertainment. When brewing company Anheuser-Busch sought “a unique and unparalleled sponsorship experience” at one of the Center’s rotundas, it turned to its long-time print services provider, MetroMedia Technologies (MMT, www.

Seriously Transparent

Looking to remind the community you serve that you’re an open book when it comes to funds and spending? You might consider how Capital Metro – the Austin, Texas transit authority – took on the challenge. To help ensure its constituency and knowing that every dollar Capital Metro spends can be easily tracked on its website, the transit authority chose to go “seriously transparent” with bus graphics that exposed more than ever before. With a vision to cover

An Acquisition Frenzy

Two major transactions and one transaction-in-waiting have made the news, all three of which could very well have an impact on your business: EFI's planned acquisition of Vutek; Scitex's announcement that it is looking to sell its shares of Scitex Vision; and Adobe's Macromedia buy. EFI will acquire Vutek: One of the biggest change of hands to come down the wide-format pike in some time, EFI has signed an agreement to acquire VUTEk, Inc. for approximately $281

Kodak Agrees to Acquire Creo, and Becomes Sole KPG Owner

Late in 2003, as Kodak acquired Scitex Digital Printing, Kodak chairman and CEO Daniel Carp said, "This is the first of several actions Kodak will take to expand our participation in the digital commercial printing industry. We are moving decisively to implement our growth strategy by expanding into a range of commercial digital businesses. One part of that strategy is to acquire companies and technologies"?."